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Zilico Ltd.

Zilico Ltd was established in 2006 and commenced trading in 2014. The Company has developed an innovative technology that measures electrical impedance (resistance to an applied electrical current) to identify cancerous/non-cancerous tissues.

Different human organs and tissues have characteristic electrical impedances. The EIS (Electrical Impedance spectroscopy) technology within the diagnostic device detects deviations from these values to differentiate between normal, pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue.

The technology targets disease pathways where there is significant reliance on visual diagnosis by a clinician.  Healthcare priorities are moving more towards prevention and earlier detection. With many diseases, the challenge for clinicians is detecting the early signs of disease as these are more subtle and hence more difficult to diagnose. Diseases such as cervical, oral, anal, vulva all rely on a clinician’s visual impression.  Additionally, during surgery, tissue margin assessment is becoming more important for organs such as the thyroid, brain, and oesophagus as clinicians try to remove as little healthy tissue as possible.  The Company believes using a technology which provides an objective assessment of the underlying tissue would provide better accuracy for managing patients and if this information can be provided in real-time, then this helps reduce patient anxiety caused by waiting for results and also reduces the need for repeat appointments as patients can be counselled in real-time.   This is exactly what Zilico’s proprietary technology has helped provide with its flagship product ZedScan.

ZedScan fits within the cervical cancer pathway.  The initial screening test at primary care helps establish the risk of whether a woman may have disease.  If the results of the initial test are abnormal then a woman is referred to colposcopy where a clinician will try to visually diagnose if there are any pre-cancer or cancerous changes on the cervix. Accepted accuracy of colposcopy is around 70%, showing there is still significant room for improvement. Published and real-world data on ZedScan shows that the addition of the product to the pathway helps clinicians better manage their patients.

Several NHS Trusts and hospitals in Europe are using ZedScan routinely to provide a better service for patients, clinicians and hospital systems.

The Company is applying its core technology to other disease pathways such as oral, anal and oesophageal cancers.

  • Sector: MedTech

  • Region: UK: North West; USA: California

  • Stage: Growth

  • Eligible Tax: EIS

  • Funding: £4,000,000

  • Status: LIVE

19% Funded

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