Why Life Sciences?

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Investing in Life Sciences is investing in the future of our healthcare.

Investing in the healthcare sector has never been more important. Ageing populations and increasing life expectancy means that medical technologies, drugs, diagnostic tools and research & development are developing rapidly. The UK’s life science sector, which generated over £70 billion and nearly 241,000 jobs for the UK economy in 2017, is providing products which the NHS and UK patients rely on every day.

Providing funding to the companies who are working to improve our lives and the lives of our future generations offers much more than just a financial opportunity.

Deepbridge Syndicate is focussed on providing funding to Life Sciences companies with high growth potential and global ambition, and we have built a highly experienced Advisory team to ensure we select what we believe to be the best opportunities within this vital sector.

What does Life Sciences include?

The companies which feature on Deepbridge Syndicate will all fulfil the necessary criteria of Deepbridge’s Life Sciences EIS fund, which seeks to fund companies with exciting growth technologies that satisfy the needs of large and growing markets. With a combined cross-sector commercial experience of over 200 years, the Deepbridge Life Sciences Team will be responsible for selecting, establishing, and managing the investee opportunities of the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS.

The overarching focus of the Deepbridge Life Science EIS is to offer investors companies engaged in the following areas (but not restricted to):

  • Medical devices
  • Diagnostic technologies
  • Sensor and monitoring equipment
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare medical equipment
  • Healthcare information technology.

Investment criteria.

Deepbridge employs strict investment criteria in preparing and reviewing the investment opportunities it sources from its wide deal flow network. Generally, Deepbridge seeks investment opportunities that exhibit the following qualities:

  • A focus on life sciences and medical device technology;
  • Significant market potential with a clear need and market growth;
  • Provide a solution to a recognised clinical or healthcare need;
  • Innovation-driven products that have the potential to create new market segments or displace current technologies;
  • Medical technology businesses with a clear and realistic path to commercialisation;
  • Robust intellectual property which may provide patented or patentable IP protection;
  • Passionate, energetic, experienced and aligned founding team; and
  • Clear exit strategy to be implemented within 4-5 years with alignment of interests with our stakeholders.

Deepbridge will take an active executive role on the Board of the investee companies to utilise the strengths and commercial experience that the Deepbridge team possess in order to accelerate the growth of the investee company.

Need to know more?

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