Why Disruptive Technology?

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Investing in Disruptive Technology is investing in the future.

The ability to develop, commercialise and adopt new technologies will define successful countries in the 21st Century. New digital technologies are changing how we live and work, how we interact with each other. Population growth is placing great strain on finite resources and economic maturation is driving aspirational change on a global basis.

At the same time, the world economy faces major societal challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity. These profound societal challenges underpin both product and process innovation, particularly that of a disruptive nature: on a global level, technological innovation is without doubt a major determinant of long-term economic growth, driving productivity and job creation, and opening up new markets to exploit.

Here in the UK, many early-stage technology companies have seen the emergence of a ‘funding gap’, as traditional sources of development and commercialisation capital move upstream due to their increased perception of risk, a result of adverse economic conditions in recent years. It is our opinion that this funding gap has revealed a compelling opportunity for investors to secure attractive entry terms into such businesses.

What does Disruptive Technology include?

The technology companies which feature on Deepbridge Syndicate will all fulfil the necessary criteria of Deepbridge’s Technology Growth EIS, which seeks to fund companies with exciting growth technologies that satisfy the needs of large and growing markets. Investing into these companies represents a unique opportunity to access the investment expertise of a knowledgeable team in possession of over 200 years of cumulative experience of successfully mentoring entrepreneurs and building successful technology businesses.

The overarching focus of the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS is to offer investors companies engaged in the following areas (but not restricted to):

  • Energy and resource innovation;
  • Medical technologies;
  • Business enterprise and other high growth IT-based technologies

Investment criteria.

Deepbridge employs strict investment criteria in preparing and reviewing the investment opportunities it sources from its wide dealflow network. Generally, Deepbridge seeks investment opportunities that exhibit the following qualities:

  • Significant market potential with clear need and market growth
  • Innovation-driven products that have the potential to create new market segments or displace current market offerings;
  • Businesses that utilise a technology-derived platform and/or an innovative approach to meet a newly-identified or existing market demand
  • Technology-driven businesses with a clear and realistic path to commercialisation
  • Robust intellectual property which may or may not be patented
  • Passionate, energetic and experienced founding team
  • Clear exit strategy to be implemented within 3-4 years with alignment of interests with our stakeholders.

Ultimately, Deepbridge will select companies which offer the opportunity to expand internationally, outside the UK, utilising many of the strengths, contacts and experience that the Deepbridge team possess in order to accelerate the growth of the business.

Need to know more?

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