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Touch Biometrix is developing a range of conformal, ultra-thin fingerprint sensors that can be of any shape or size. As a fabless designer, the  company will design and sell licenses for the sensor designs, the associated detection and comparison algorithms and end application designs. The production of the sensors and associated components for the fingerprint sensor modules will be outsourced under license to production partners in Asia from which a royalty will also be drawn per unit produced.

Touch Biometrix’s product is intended to be low cost, highly secure and offer the opportunity to be easily integrated into almost any product form. The sensors are to be manufacturable in high volumes and are expected to meet the smartphone sectors requirement to deliver a sensor price of US$1.20 per unit in 2020. The company believes that its product will be a ‘market disrupter’ with a compelling combination of low cost and exceptional security in use. The additional value add is the value proposition of conformable form factor sensors that allow ease of integration into a myriad of existing and future consumable electronic products as well as fingerprint enabled credit and debit cards.

The Touch Biometrix team are specialists in the design, modelling and commercial manufacture of thin fi lm transistors within the display industry on production lines in Asia.

  • Sector: Electronics & Hardware

  • Region: UK: Wales

  • Stage: Growth

  • Eligible Tax: EIS

  • Funding: £2,000,000

  • Status: Live

29% Funded

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