How do I invest?

How do I invest?2019-03-04T15:50:59+00:00

Please read the following:

Thank you for your interest in finding out how to invest via Deepbridge Syndicate.

  1. Registration
    Sign up to Deepbridge Syndicate via our secure log in page, which will lead to your own personal portfolio management profile, there is no obligation to invest at this stage, but allows you to see more information on our portfolio companies and receive updates of our upcoming events and new deals.
  2. Once Registered
    You can see all of our live deals, previews of upcoming deals and their progress.  Registration opens up access to additional documentation on the company such as Team bio’s and EIS certificates.
  3. Accessing Confidential Documents
    To access confidential documentation such as company financials, follow the online steps to complete the Appropriateness Test thereby ensuring you understand the risks of investing in early stage companies and meet the necessary requirements, and if applicable sign an NDA. Deepbridge will then grant you access to the data room subject to your appropriateness. Alternatively email your request to
  4. Invest
    Follow the online process to confirm your interest in investing, you will receive a Welcome Pack from Deepbridge Syndicate with Application Form, Investor Agreement and further information. As part of the Application process an Anti-Money Laundering check will be conducted.
  5. Confirming your investment
    On receipt of your completed Application form, you will have 14 days to transfer funds, or withdraw your interest to invest. As soon as we have received payment, your investment will be confirmed and you will be able to access full Shareholder documentation, shareholder updates, notices etc. via your online profile.

Further communication

Deepbridge Advisers will then act on your behalf to complete the process and send you your share certificates within 30days. Receipt of your EIS3 certificates can vary depending on HMRC’s processing times.  You will receive regular updates on your investments for the lifetime of the deal.

Need to know more?

For further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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