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Elasmogen Ltd is a drug discovery and biopharmaceutical company spun out of the University of Aberdeen in 2016. The Company has developed a method of delivering drugs to specific sites in the human body using ‘biologic’ drugs (drugs derived from living organisms/components of living organisms). The ‘soloMER’ product is a fully-humanised protein domain derived from sharks that the Company have developed into a site-specific drug delivery mechanism. 

These fragments have been adapted for safe use in the human body – differentiating them from similar products based on human antibodies. They are small and stable and suitable for use as a site-specific drug delivery mechanism.  Specifically, they are 9% of the size of a human antibody, meaning they offer: 

• site-specific dosing;

• flexible formatting (bi or tri-functional products) to increase clinical efficacy; and

• reduction in manufacturing costs.

The initial intended applications are the treatment of auto-inflammatory diseases of the eye and oncology (cancer). The Company’s primary development target is topically-delivered soloMERs in the treatment of Uveitis (inflammation of the coloured section of the eye). The Company states that autoimmune-related inflammatory diseases of the eye are poorly served medical targets due to the difficulty of site-specific drug delivery. However, they believe that soloMER proteins make them capable of site-specific dosing. 

The Company is seeking to progress a number of internal and partnered programs and intends to take these targets to Phase 1 clinical trials to create significant stakeholder value before licensing them to pharmaceutical partners.

  • Sector: Drug discovery and Biopharma 

  • Region: UK: Scotland

  • Stage: Growth – pre-revenue

  • Eligible Tax: EIS

  • Funding: £2,000,218

  • Status: Live

33% Funded

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