RISK WARNING: Your capital is at risk. The risks include: the lack of liquidity in this market in terms of being able to sell shares; the loss of the value of investment; and dilution of shareholding. When you invest any loss in value will not be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
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Compono Pty Ltd.

Developing an intelligent recruitment software platform, utilising a suite of algorithms and adaptive machine learning.

  • Sector: Recruitment Tech

  • Region: Australia & UK: North-West

  • Stage: Growth

  • Eligible Tax: EIS

  • Funding: £2,000,000

  • Status: LIVE

66% Funded

Elasmogen Ltd.

Discovering and developing soloMER™s for the treatment of auto-immune mediated, inflammatory diseases.


  • Sector: Drug discovery and Biopharma 

  • Region: UK: Scotland

  • Stage: Growth

  • Eligible Tax: EIS

  • Funding: £2,000,218

  • Status: LIVE

18% Funded

Hurricane Modular Commerce Ltd.

Developed and launched a duty and tax engine for e-commerce participants.

  • Sector: Business enterprise software

  • Region: UK: South West

  • Stage: Growth

  • Eligible Tax: EIS

  • Funding: £2,700,000

  • Status: Live

81% Funded

Touch Biometrix Ltd.

“A revolution in Fingerprint Biometrics”

  • Sector: Electronics & Hardware

  • Region: UK: Wales & Netherlands: Eindhoven

  • Stage: Growth – pre-revenue

  • Eligible Tax: EIS

  • Funding: £2,000,000

  • Status: Live

21% Funded

vTime Holdings Ltd


Developed an innovative and multi-user communication, entertainment and engagement platform for VR and AR

  • Sector: Gaming

  • Region: UK: North-West

  • Stage: Growth

  • Eligible Tax: EIS

  • Funding: £1,600,000

  • Status: Live

92% Funded

Targeted Approach

Deepbridge Syndicate allows eligible investors to invest alongside the highly qualified specialists at Deepbridge into high growth life science and disruptive technology companies.

  • Expertise: Access to Life Sciences and Technology companies who have been through extensive due diligence, leveraging over 200 years combined experience by Deepbridge’s specialist team; investors can be confident of realistic company valuations, market need and potential for growth.

  • Hands-on Management: Deepbridge takes a proactive approach to managing underlying investee companies, taking a board position to ensure they are developing as planned and in the best interest of investors.

  • Online Investment Platform: Investors can build and monitor their own portfolio of high growth companies, with access to company financials, video presentations, regular updates and much more, through their online profile.

  • Tax Efficient Investing: Unless otherwise stated, all companies featuring on Deepbridge Syndicate are EIS eligible, thereby mitigating some of the investment risk for our investors.

  • Investor Fee Free: We do not charge investors any fees at the point of investment, therefore investors enjoy 100% of EIS tax benefits and have 100% of their investment actually put to work earning investment returns.

Providing funding to the companies who are working to improve our lives and the lives of our future generations offers much more than just a financial opportunity.

100% Rule

Deepbridge Syndicate is an investor fee free proposition.

Investors are not charged any fees at the point of investment allowing investors to enjoy 100% of EIS tax benefits and 100% of their investment put to work earning investment returns.

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About Deepbridge Syndicate

We want to offer experienced investors the opportunity to make well-informed, personal decisions on which innovative life sciences and disruptive technology companies to invest in, with all the added reassurance brought with specialist, hands-on investment managers.

Investing in Life Sciences

Investing in Life Sciences is different. 

It is not always as obvious to see the exit opportunities, understand the nuances of the technology or value the proposition – but the potential of this sector is considerable.  We think private investors should have the opportunity to get involved at the early stages, support the advancement of healthcare and reap the rewards from this continuously growing sector.

Investing in disruptive technology

Backing companies creating new markets or with potential to displace the incumbent

New technologies are changing how we live and work, how we interact with each other. Deepbridge aims to identify technology growth companies that have a proven technology, robust intellectual property and are operating in a high growth market sector.  Deepbridge believe these companies can typically accelerate rapidly, generating encouraging results within a medium to long-term time frame.

Deepbridge Syndicate has been developed to open up opportunities to individuals which have traditionally have been reserved for institutional investors. By working alongside Deepbridge’s highly experienced specialists, all companies have been through thorough due diligence and valuation by a team with over 200 years worth of combined cross-sector commercial experience, and will have ongoing guidance, mentoring and support from the team for the lifetime of the investment.

To find out more about the team visit here. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Meet Our Team

With over 200 years combined experience, the Management team has ultimate responsibility for the management of Deepbridge Syndicate. The Partners will identify, appoint and co-ordinate any necessary employees, contractors and advisers, taking the key commercial and legal decisions and resolving issues to ensure that the strategic expansion is executed efficiently and seamlessly.

Ian Warwick
Managing Partner
A successful entrepreneur and CEO with more than two decades of leading private and public companies, Ian has successfully led the turnaround, re-capitalization and listing of several businesses.
Dr Savvas Neophytou
Partner, Head of Life Sciences
Savvas is the Head of Life Sciences at Deepbridge. Prior to joining Deepridge, Savvas enjoyed a 15 year career in the City, working as an investment banker at JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Shore Capital, Cantor Fitzgerald, and Panmure Gordon. Savvas was also CEO of telemedicine business Now Healthcare Group.
Fuchsia Curry
Syndicate Manager
Fuchsia manages Deepbridge Syndicate, the online capital raising platform of Deepbridge Capital. With a degree in Financial and Business Economics from Newcastle University, prior to joining Deepbridge Fuchsia was Client Relationship and Business Development Manager at AngelNews.
Kieran O’Gorman
Technical Partner
With a wealth of experience in financial services, including institutional fund management within the Lloyd’s of London insurance community, and HNW private client stockbroking at Popes Stockbrokers (now Brewin Dolphin), Kieran has an indepth knowledge of the private capital markets, involving capital raising, investor relations and communication, and is responsible for the fund-raising activities at Deepbridge.
Andrew Aldridge
Head of Marketing
As Head of Marketing, Andrew oversees all Deepbridge communications and messaging. Andrew has a wealth of experience marketing financial and professional institutions, with over a decade of experience building credible brands and delivering real growth.
Prof. Chris Wood
Senior Medical Adviser
Over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology sector, Chris has founded, managed and successfully exited two biotechnology companies, Bioenvision Inc., and Medirace Limited (later Medeva PLC, traded on both the LSE and the NYSE, and subsequently acquired by Celltech Group PLC, now UCB, for £554m).
Prof. Nagy Habib
Supervisory Investment Committee Member – Life Sciences
Nagy Habib is Professor of Hepatobiliary Surgery, at the Department of Cancer Surgery, at Imperial College London. With principal research activities focusing on the improvement of surgical technologies, Nagy has also been instrumental in the development of remediation and/or cure of diseases of the liver as either a complement or replacement to surgery with particular focus on gene therapy, the use of stem cells and immunotherapy.
Dr Gary O’Hare
Supervisory Investment Committee Member - Life Sciences
Gary graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with MB BCh BAO, in 1997. Subsequently he undertook training in various medical specialities prior to being awarded AFRCSI from Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland in 2001.
Geoff Davison
Supervisory Investment Committee Member – Life Sciences
Geoff is the Chief Executive of Bionow, the life sciences membership organisation for the North of England. Having founded the business in 2011, Bionow has 15 University members and 300 industry members across the North of England and North Wales.
Lloyd Price
Supervisory Investment Committee Member – Life Sciences
Lloyd co-founded, launched and scaled Zesty from an idea in July 2012 into one of the UK’s leading Digital Health companies, winning multiple awards and raising in excess of $10M in funding.
Miss Rebecca Roberts
Supervisory Investment Committee Member - Life Sciences
Rebecca is a paediatric surgeon at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.  A member of the Royal College of Surgeons (England) and the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons, she has experience in surgical and medical settings in India, Tanzania, South Africa and Cambodia.  
Liz Kirby
Supervisory Investment Committee Member – Technology Growth
Liz has a degree in Chemistry and a DPhil in Physical Chemistry from the University of Oxford. She joined the commercial team in a start-up company spun-out of Oxford University, and built-up expertise in intellectual property management and IP strategy.
Rick Parry
Rick is an adviser to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, former CEO of the FA Premier League, and former CEO of Liverpool Football Club. During Rick’s twelve years ay Liverpool FC, the club won ten tropes, including the UEFA Champions League.
Matthias Müller
Senior Technology Adviser
As Senior Technology Adviser, Matthias assists in the appraisal and assessment of new technologies, as part of the investment appraisal and management process, within the Deepbridge Renewable Energy Team.
Bernard Ross
Supervisory Investment Committee Member – Technology Growth
Bernard has over 20years of senior experience at private & public board level across multiple industries including pharmaceutical, technology development and FMCG.

We are proud to be working with:

Invest alongside the specialists

Deepbridge Syndicate allows eligible investors to invest alongside the highly qualified life sciences and tech specialists at Deepbridge. Benefiting from Deepbridge’s extensive due diligence and sector knowledge; investors can be confident of realistic company valuations and be reassured by Deepbridge’s proactive ongoing management of investee companies.

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