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Metix has developed a suite of portable, multi-parameter, non-invasive, hand-held emergency vital signs monitors. “Where Emergency Medicine Begins.”

Metix is a new generation healthcare company that provides patient surveillance and monitoring services. Founded in November 2013, the Company has developed a suite of portable, multi-parameter, non-invasive, hand-held emergency vital signs monitors.

Monitoring vital signs including blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration rate, heart rate, temperature and oxygen saturation, is a crucial aspect of patient care. Vital signs indicate a patient’s clinical condition and are necessary to calculate early warning scores which are used to determine the monitoring, escalation and interventions that are subsequently required.

Metix leverages extensive expertise in bioengineering, data analytics, medically qualified firmware, regulatory processes and mobile and cloud software, to create technology that supports decision making paradigms to achieve better health and economic outcomes. 

Metix has created COREMED X, a new patient monitoring platform which collects and analyses patients’ vital signs and will alert doctors and nurses if a person’s health is deteriorating. As a multi-channel system, COREMED X allows the simultaneous recording of electrocardiogram, heart rate, respiration rate, peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, capnography, blood pressure, and body temperature.

The COREMEDX is designed to observe and record every heartbeat, every breath, oxygen saturation every second, temperature every minute and blood pressure as required to allow doctors and nurses to monitor patients better, more closely, more efficiently, and continuously. All this is done utilising standard medical equipment which feed their readings to the company’s platform so that patients can be monitored as if they were in a high dependency hospital ward.

The COREMED X uses wireless, sensing and information technologies to collect and analyse patient data. Its aim is to address the increasingly high costs of healthcare, particularly those related to in-hospital patient safety, and the inexorable rise of chronic conditions that demand that care be taken out of the hospital to the patient’s home.

The platform connects to a cloud based back-end IT system that collects the data from multiple channels installed in and outside of hospitals, and then delivers the data directly to the care teams, often even as the patient is in transit to an acute care hospital or a field hospital in the case of military operations. 

Vital signs are normally recorded every one to four hours onto paper charts, but the COREMED X aim to collect precise, high resolution and continuous patient data and enables care teams, both in and out of the hospital to know the status of their patients at all times. This allows clinical staff to see not only the current status of incoming patients but it also provides a view into the future status of these patients through data driven methods such as predictive algorithms and new physiologically based biomarkers. This enables a new proactive care paradigm to emerge rather than the current reactive methods currently in use.

In total the COREMED product line will have 4 monitors (using the same core hardware – but with different modules) that aim to address holistically all different needs in pre-hospital care.

The intended users of this portable technology are clinicians working in rural, remote, or extreme environments where space is of a premium, meaning a primary advantage of COREMED over its competitors is the combination of functionality and compactness.

  • Sector: Healthcare/Medical

  • Region: UK: Scotland

  • Stage: Growth – pre-revenue

  • Eligible Tax: EIS

  • Funding: £1,000,000

  • Status: FULL


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