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VTime Ltd

arbnco Ltd operates in the legislative driven multi-billion dollar global market of energy efficiency in the built environment, including but not limited to vast portfolios of institutional  investor owned  commercial real estate portfolios, Government real estate (schools / hospitals) through to utility companies that distribute energy via the grid.  The driver for this market and therefore the companies is the large and valuable role energy efficiency plays in supporting the development of the global economy and represents the worldwide efforts of Governments to de-carbonise the global energy systems.

Working with strategically aligned  international academic / research partners, global institutional real estate investors and key stakeholders in the energy supply ecosystem the Company is developing a suite of (patent pending) disruptive proprietary software solutions that combined delivers a unique platform to transform the way energy can be managed in buildings whilst ensuring a productive and healthy environment for occupants.

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  • Sector: PropTech

  • Region: UK: South

  • Stage: Growth

  • Eligible Tax: EIS

  • Funding: £2,500,000

  • Status: LIVE

86% Funded

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